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Aptitude Exams Preparations

Aptitude tests are one of the most commonly used assessments in measuring candidates’ suitability for a role. They are designed to assess your logical reasoning, verbal or thinking performance.

At Panache, we offer exam preparations for a wide variety of Aptitude tests. Most of these tests are for going abroad and also general entrance exam tests. The most popular ones are:

We have a 100% track record and are proud to say that most of our students do end up getting a visa to study abroad. Please check our the testimonials section where our students have shared their thoughts about our teaching and services. 
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Study Abroad 

Having created wonderful journey of dreams for many, we’re here to build in yours too, in as easier and simpler ways as possible.

We’re an institute purely into international education. Today it is seen that students have broaden their horizons for further studies, so have the parents agreed to be open to international options available for their children’s career betterment. Students who aspire to study in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and European countries etc, we help them and their parents to get the right colleges and know the correct procedure. The process goes as follows;International countries (any country) require an English language test and USA specifically requires additional aptitude test. We prepare students to crack the same.
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Foreign Languages and Communication

Gaining knowledge is passé, for us, it’s about showcasing the style in you! Please read through thoroughly understand our endeavor towards your making your Foreign Language Learning a way of new and joyful experiences.
We also expertise in training for Basic and Advanced English so you can speak more fluently and boost your confidence. 

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Online Programs

For, we aim at fulfilling the ambitions of anyone and everyone from any or every corner of the world, leaving no scope of barriers in education, we bring to you, our virtual training services.​
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Complimentary Image Building Sessions

THE IMAGE DEVELOPMENT session at PANACHE aims at nurturing audacity in the individuals from all backgrounds eventually making you RISE HIGH!!!
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Immigration Exams Preparation

It’s the matter of pride while we fetch as a path of your journey towards achieving your international goals.​​​ We prepare you to crack the desired scores to the best of our abilities, for the exams that are required for your immigration needs. 
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